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Date:  2012-05-18 04:41:14
From:  DheOne (dheoneno_spam.com)
Rating:  5
Subject:  Re: download not correct
Message:  @George

Thanks for contacting.

Please try it again, it should working now.

Date:  2012-03-14 14:07:00
From:  george l. (carjockeyatt.net)
Rating:  3
Subject:  download not correct
Message:  using version 1.0.70403 tried to update through gui interface it found a new version 2.0.90304
clicked yes got error #404. went to homepage saw version 2.0.90304 is released on homepage downloaded it same 1.0.70403 version download that i have installed on my usb device and computer what is happening ??

Date:  2009-10-02 22:38:52
From:  DheOne (dheoneno_spam.com)
Rating:  3
Subject:  Re: Printing Passwords
Message:  Hello Fred,

Thank you for your feedback.

Yes, printing the list of the passwords feature is a good idea, but it's user responsibility to keep the printed passwords secure.

Date:  2009-08-31 16:31:05
From:  Fred (frkauffmanhotmail.com)
Rating:  3
Subject:  Printing Passwords
Message:  Shouldn't there be a way to print my list of passwords just in case the device containing the information fails or other reasons?
Date:  2009-08-10 04:01:10
From:  DheOne (dheoneno_spam.com)
Rating:  5
Subject:  Re: Can't download
Message:  Hello Mer,

Sorry for any inconvenient.

Please try it again. We just update our download system.

Date:  2009-06-04 07:57:11
From:  MER (mrichey20cox.net)
Rating:  1
Subject:  Can't download
Message:  Link broken? "This ID does not exist".
Date:  2009-03-04 10:02:20
From:  DheOne (dheoneno_spam.com)
Rating:  5
Subject:  New version 2
Message:  I have few time to upgrade the application lately, but now glad to tell you that i just release the latest version.

This version including saving password bug fix (some time it's happen if using simple characters on password field).

New additional feature also included, like duplicate entry, hide or show password in the entry details and few more.

Enjoy it, and thank you for using Era Password Manager.
Date:  2008-06-02 13:38:10
From:  DheOne (dheoneno_spam.com)
Rating:  3
Subject:  re: what about import?
Message:  Hello Clover,

Thank you for your feedback, your feature suggestion already saved and we will considerate it.



Date:  2008-05-22 09:50:48
From:  Clover (mierdamail.com)
Rating:  3
Subject:  what about import?
Message:  Congratulations for this app!!
Seem to be really powerfull and easy to use.
It would be a good improvement to import login/passwords from a standarized format like csv or similar.

Date:  2008-01-29 14:54:43
From:  DheOne (dheoneno_spam.com)
Rating:  5
Subject:  New version released
Message:  New version of EPM just released, download it now for free!

New Feedback system also added, please fell free to leave a comment...
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